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Customer Testimonials

just bought a used car there and so far we're very happy. both the salesperson (andrew) and insurance person (nick) were friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and easy to get along with. we also got a good price! the only reason why i'm not giving it 5 stars yet is because with a major purchase like that, you have to wait a little to see whether everything is indeed on the up and up.
- Isabella M.

After several attempts to purchase a new vehicle, I was pleased to arrive at the Applewood Langley store early one morning last week. It was before 8 AM when I arrived and although there were no salesmen on shift yet, the sales manager Jason Wright arrived bright eyed and bushy tailed! He quickly spotted me and invited me in to his office. He sent one of his detailers over to Tim Horton's to get us coffee's while we discussed what I would like to see in my new vehicle. After about 20 minutes he had helped me select the perfect new Sorento for me. I went up stairs paid for the car and came down to find my new SUV shiny and clean.

He even filled the gas tank up. It was a real pleasure to deal here and I felt absolutely no pressure at all. Jason's honest and straight forward approach left me feeling appreciated and respected. I have told several of my friends to go see them for their next vehicle purchase and I will be buying a new Rio for my wife with in the next few weeks. Thanks and best of luck to you all at Applewood.
- Bob F.

Love my car! Applewood Kia got me a car in my price range and I was able to drive away in just a few hours.
- Mari J.

You have to know my sister... She needed a new car and was told by several dealerships that she did not make enough money and would not qualify for a loan (she looks younger than her age) She had been saving for some time for a car so when she told me she was looking on craigslist I was worried. I called Applewood business to ask them to assist her. The manager actually did a credit check and was able to get a car loan. she did not not have a lot of credit history.

The sales team went into "lets get her a car" but they did it with patience and worked overtime and waited until I could arrive to approve the deal and the final numbers. I could go into much more detail of the many things they did that day so she could get her first new car, a 2012 KIA Soul!

I just want to say THANK YOU for the great TEAM WORK.

Applewood Kia Langley 19764 Langley Bypass, Langley, BC V3A 7B1