Traffic Light Sensors: How do they work? +

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Traffic Light Sensors: How do they work?

The bane of many, traffic lights are a staple part of the modern driving experience and act as electronic guides which, collectively, direct and negotiate traffic through our cities, across our highways, and out across the world. If you were anything like me then when you were young you liked to imagine that these colourful shapes could be manipulated by some near-mystical countdown clock or argued with until they change to the only colour that really matters for a person at a light – Green. Now, I know that’s pretty ridiculous but the fact...

5 Great Local Drives in BC for Autumn +

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5 Great Local Drives in BC for Autumn

There are few places in Canada that can boast the quality of temperature that ease through the cooling period before the mild winters in the way Vancouver and its surrounding areas can and with the shifting weather we are welcomed to experience the beauty that each season brings with it. The warm...
Used Car Dealerships in Langley, BC +

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Used Car Dealerships in Langley, BC

We think it’s time that you found a store with a commitment that carries on after you leave our care – with a selection of vehicles supported by factory-trained technicians here to keep you on the road for years to come without complications. If you think this is true, well, you’re in luck –...
Car Dealership in Langley +

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Car Dealership in Langley

Drive a vehicle designed and tested by a company known and respected for their superior attention to detail and quality. The Kia brand is one that has stood out against the crowd by offering drivers a better experience on the road with refined handling, exciting features, and interior highlights...
Kia Dealers in BC +

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Kia Dealers in BC

Driving a Kia means that you know your vehicles. With elevated features that stand out against any of the competition, the Kia brand has never been stronger and never looked better. But looks aren’t everything. You want to know that you’re driving a car that can handle whatever life sends your...